Partnership of Historic Bostons
Partnership of Historic Bostons

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Join us as we recognize and celebrate the unique historical connections between Boston, Massachusetts, founded in 1630, and Boston, Lincolnshire, England, founded in 1086.  We are dedicated to education about the two Bostons in the seventeenth century and to preserving our legacy. 
The Pleasure of the Taste: Recipes from 17th century New England is a collection of Puritan and Native recipes.

Try these recipes in both original and modernized versions, and see for yourself what was delicious in the 1600s!  The booklet makes a great gift!


Here is a new animation of the Old State House site from the City of Boston Archaeology program.  It will take you back to 1630.
Crime and Punishment in Early Boston
in Partnership with the New England Historic Genaeological Society
Friday, February 5 Noon - 1 PM
NEHGS, 99-101 Newbury Street Boston, MA

Rose Doherty, President, Partnership of the Historic Bostons

In early Boston and the Massachusetts Bay Colony crime and punishment were key aspects of maintaining community solidarity and security. The Puritan churches and the civil government both defined appropriate behavior and took action when rules were broken. This talk describes the relationship between the two institutions and emphasizes the civil role of laws and courts to apply sanctions ranging from minor shaming to corporal punishments, imprisonment, and death.

Learn about the remarkable protections for individuals in the justice system that were first established in Massachusetts. Massachusetts had 25 capital crimes by the mid 17th century, however many were seldom actually punished by death and guilty persons were put to death for many more crimes in England much later in history. Jails (gaols) were little used and Boston had the only one for decades.

Fascinating examples of early colonial crimes and punishments are used to bring the story to life for our audiences. The lecture will locate the sites of stocks, whipping posts, gaols, and gallows in Boston. We will discuss public punishments and the cultural values around them.

A Brief Introduction to Boston: the Making of a Market Town
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